Jurassic Empire Drive Thru Experience at Cafe Court Parking Lot


Visit Columbia Mall for Jurassic Empire Drive Thru Experience

Location icon Columbia Mall
Cal icon Fri, Jun 9 – Sun, Jun 18
Time icon Daily
Get ready for some adventure with Jurassic Empire’s immersive drive-thru featuring life-sized realistic dinosaurs!

Calling all the Dinosaur fans! Announcing Jurassic Empire, the largest most realistic Dinosaur Drive-Thru Event ever seen! This fun filled family event will be at Columbia Mall from June 9th - 18th in the Cafe Court parking lot.

From the comfort and safety of your own car, drive thru this prehistoric journey from the Jurassic all the way through the Ice Age periods and discover the Dinosaurs & Mammals that ruled the earth for more than 150 million years ago! You'll see Gigantic, Ultra-Realistic Dinosaurs as they ROAR, Breathe and come to life! See the terrifying T-Rex, the Brachiosaurus, Apatosaurus, Utahraptors walking around and baby Dinosaurs your kids will love. Keep a close eye out and be extra careful as danger lies ahead as you drive by a massive T- Rex looking for its next meal. This Jurassic Themed Dinosaur event will stimulate your child’s imagination for years to come.