Sales Associate at Gearhead Outfitters

Ashlyn Cornell
Phone number +1-870-910-5569

Job Opportunity at Gearhead Outfitters in Columbia Mall

Part Time
Posted Wed, May 26
Ashlyn Cornell
Phone number +1-870-910-5569

A sales associate is a full-time or part-time position. This position is an entry level position that does not require any prior retail experience. All teammates are hired with the expectations of providing exemplary customer service, self-initiating and completing tasks, self-educating, supporting leadership and acting as a team player.


  • Ensures that exemplary customer satisfaction is the first priority.
  • Always express excitement to be involved with guests and seek out guests to help.
  • Keep an eye on the register and don’t let guests wait at the register to be checked out.
  • Know how to pull product with a reason and offer a variety of Gearhead Outfitters services to the guest throughout the sale.
  • Always be in presentation or preparation mode and always be working on the to-do list day to day operations.
  • Always be ready to learn about current and new products and be open to all product in the store.
  • Be self-educating on the current and new brands.
  • Make yourself available for training opportunities that arise throughout the day.
  • Be supportive of the company/store leadership and keep open communication with all other members of the team.
  • Give suggestions on what product needs to be ordered and remind other teammates about new special orders.
  • Be a team player.